Attractions in Manchester, NH

New Hampshire Aviation Museum
Attractions in Manchester, NH, near Manchester-Boston Regional Airport include the New Hampshire Aviation Museum located on the airport property in the historic 1937 terminal building. The facility compiled decades of information and artifacts evolving around the aviation history of the state. Step back in time and learn how New Hampshire played an important role not only in the aviation history of the country, but also around the world. Exhibits tell the story of the events, people, and places responsible for pioneering the industry.

Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum
The Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum celebrates and commemorates the world-renowned organizations that influenced many boys and girls. The museum and library contains a vast collection of memorabilia pertaining to the history of scouting. The facility strives toward educating and inspiring youth with the heritage and tradition of scouting through exhibits that include famous former scouts and scout leaders. Visitors see an array of uniforms commonly worn throughout the history of scouting along with awards, activities and achievements of past scouts.

Currier Museum of Art
Visitors having a passion for the arts often stop in the Currier Museum of Art and view the works of such celebrated painters Monet, Matisse, and Picasso. Modern exhibits include the floor to ceiling representations of landscapes through the eyes of Christi Rinklin. Covering walls and windows, the arrays of colors create an abstract display of well-known locations and periods through history. The facility also boasts a collection of cabinetry designed and created by local artisans that replicates the art of furniture making in the White Mountains that dates back to the 1700s.

Millyard Museum
Explore the history of Manchester and the textile industry at the local Millyard Museum. Using artifacts and textiles, the story begins 11,000 years ago with the native people that established settlements here. Thousands of years later, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company developed and became the largest textile manufacturer in the world. The history lesson concludes with modern day cultures and industries that currently exist in Manchester.

See Science Center
Families traveling with children looking for attractions in Manchester, NH, near Manchester-Boston Regional Airport find the See Science Center. The facility offers hands on exhibits that encourage the exploration of math, science, and technology in guests aged three and up. The expansive two-story building features numerous displays that deal with a variety of subjects that include electricity, forces of nature, machines, and sound. Youngsters learn various principles and gain a better understanding of the world around them through interaction with special LEGO displays and laboratory experiments.