Getting Around Manchester, NH

Travelers that are looking to come to Manchester, New Hampshire, will find that the best way to get into the city would be to fly through Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. The airport is located just outside of Manchester, but is also commonly used as an alternate airport option for travelers coming into Boston. Each year, the airport handles around 95,000 different flights and serves over 2.5 million passengers, which makes it one of the busiest in the New England area. Direct flights are available to dozens of cities including Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Orlando.

The second way to get into Manchester would be to drive. The city is well located along several major roadways, including Interstate 93, US Route 3, and State Highway 101. A driver that is coming to or from Boston could take I-93 south into Boston and arrive within about an hour. Travelers that are looking to get to the Concord, NH area could get into the city within 30 minutes. Those that are looking to get into the Hampton, NH area could take State Highway 101 and be in the city within 45 minutes.

The third option for getting into Manchester would be to take a bus. Manchester is a destination on Vermont Transit Lines, which is affiliated with Greyhound Bus Lines. By taking a bus out of downtown Manchester, a traveler could ultimately connect to anywhere in the continental United States.

Once inside the city, a traveler will have a few options for getting around. The best public transportation option is the city's bus system, which has been operated by the Manchester Transit Authority since 1972. The MTA operates a total of 13 different bus lines, which can connect people to all over the city as well as some of the surrounding communities including Bedford, Concord, and Nashua. All of the bus routes run Monday through Friday, with several others that operate on Saturday. However, no bus service is available on Sundays. Approximately 13 million people ride the bus on a daily basis.

Due to the heavy population of commuters that live in Manchester, two public transportation companies have set up commuting options to get into downtown Boston. Boston Express and Concord Trailways each operate buses that run to and from Boston several times per day. Travelers that take either of the bus services from Manchester can normally get into the Boston CBD within 90 minutes.